Poesis Latina A Filippo Sirotti Scripta
Latin Poetry by Filippo Sirotti

Vivida in Tempore

Vivida in tempore transire nolente
permagna florescit in pectore vis
continenter pellens me dicere: "nos"

et lumine solis extremo dilapso
in caelo inter alias te incipio requirere stellas

quod secum te sentiens dulcedine noctis
expectans laetatur animus meus
et loca nulla illi remota

In the Time

In the time that doesn't want to pass
in my heart I feel a strength
that pushes me to say: "us"

And when the sun has gone
I look for you in the sky among the other stars

As my soul is with you in the sweet night
and feels happy waiting for you,
because nowhere is far

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