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Poemata Politica
Political Poems

Haec poemata scripsi de rebus politicis, et hodiernis et non.
These are poems I wrote about political matters, both current and not.

Quadratum Verborum

Systema: quadratum


A Word Square

Nero, that elephant, destroyed the things which had been started.

Non malefactor

Systema: hexameter dactylicus

Nōn malefactor Olympiacōs lūdōs veritūrus;
prorsus erit numquam malefactor Olympionīces.
Scripta a.d.iv Kal. Aug. MCMXCVI. Atlantæ indigena sum.

Not the Evildoer

The evildoer will not respect the Olympic games;
Of course, never will the evildoer be an Olympian victor.
Written on July 28, 1996. Atlanta is my home town.

Anglia, Roma Secunda

Systema: elegia

Anglia, Rōma secunda, Calēdoniam tenet ultrā.
  Rēgīnae manet haud pervigil imperium.
Nōs hodiernī Rōmānī trāns ōceanum īmus
  et nōn iam summam lautitiam vidimus.
Scripta a me Americano feriato in Brittania.

England, a Second Rome

England, a second Rome, only extends to Scotland;
  the queen no longer has her ever-wakeful empire.
We, today's Romans, cross the ocean
  to look at splendor that is no longer the highest.
Written while on vacation in Britain. I myself am an American.

Ecce Securem Suscipimus

Ecce secūrem suscipimus, reus ut moriātur.
  Occīsor simile est facta ita pūblica rēs.
Scriptum postquam Senatus Massachusettensis, propter caedem notissimam pueri, supplicium capitis sinere elexit.

Behold, We Take Up the Axe

Behold, we take up the axe so the accused might die.
  Thus, a state becomes a murderer because of a murderer.
Written after the Massachusetts Legislature voted to allow capital punishment, mostly due to the well-publicized murder of a child.

Uno Mutato

Systema: elegia

Ūnō mūtātō nōn iam facimus scelus istud!
  nōn est rex nōbis; omnibus est venia.
(Scriptum paucos diebus post "Ecce Securem." In ultima discessione, unus senator votam suam mutavit, et lex antiquata est. In diebus inter discessiones, adulescens Anglica in basilica Massachusettense manifesta dicta est caedis infantis, cuius infantis mortem fortuitam esse multi credidit.)

With One Person's Change

With one person's change, we are not committing this crime!
  Because we have no king, we all receive mercy.
Written a few days after "Ecce Securem." In the final vote, one legislator changed his vote, and the law was rejected. In the days between the votes, a young English woman was found guilty in a Massachusetts court of the murder of a baby, whose death many people believed was accidental.
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