Poesis Latina A K. Kelly Scripta
Latin Poetry by K. Kelly


Enim vestra venustas numquam lasesco
Enim vestra pectus numquam labo
Cum diligo quas charisma ego tribuo te
Libertas, Pax Pacis, Incolumitas
Oblivio increpito mei venustas
Etsi vestra venustas careo
mediocris femina ego somnium quantum
Libertas, Pax Pacis, Incolumitas
Oblivio increpito mei subrideo
10  Oblivio increpito mei oculus
Numquam contemno
Libertas, Pax Pacis, Incolumitas
Dignus etsi vestra diligo favio
festino ascisco
15  Compleo mei patientia cum
Libertas, Pax Pacis, Incolumitas


truly your beauty never grows weary.
for your heart at no time begins to fall.
While singled out what gift do I deserve you.
freedom, peace, safety.

Empty eternity denies me your attraction.
I know that but your beauty lost.
Ordinary women I cannot daydream so much as.
freedom, peace, safety.

Oblivion protests my smile.
10  Forgetfulness denies my eyes.
A heart that pays no head to scorn.
Freedom, peace, safety.

Worthy but singled out as support.
Hurrying to assume
15  Occupying space to perfect my suffering on each occasion.
Freedom, peace, safety.

Just, freedom, peace, and safety

Anima Horum Bona

Anima Horum Bona.

Acceptius tui animi, consisto
Acceptius tui superbia, certo
Ago acceptius tui articulus
Iugis a piaculum

Acceptius tui fides, assero
Acceptius tui specimen, censeo
Leto, cum an baiulo aboleo
Maligno a piaculum

10  Acceptius tui iustitia, spero
Acceptius tui fors fortis, exspecto
Alterno deinde abolesco
Ingenuus a piaculum

Anima horum bona.

The Good Life

The Good Life.

Stand for your heart
Fight for your pride.
Live for your moment.
A Continuous crime.

Defend for your honor.
Argue for your point.
Kill when you have to.
A Malicious Crime.

10  Hope for your justice.
Wait for your chance.
And then Die.
A Noble crime.

The good line.

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