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Latin Poetry by Jeff Chambers

Amore Aeger

Clemente, clemente, Carissima mea,
Responde mihi quam clementissime possis.
Manu grave amor me opprimit,
Me contundit; quam diu ferre possum?

Tacui nimis diu, ut ne fregeres cor meum;
Quoniam nos scivi impossibiles fuisse.
Sed nunc in pectore meo tumet mea confessionis,
Rumpendum est cor illud.

Atque per dentes compressos Atlas grunniebat,
10  Atque ego aveo ut expirem,
Utinam denuo spirarem,
Confessione dimissa, sine angore.

 Nolo praeterire spem reliquam,
Amare et amari,
15   Videlicet, pono Cupidum benignus esse,
Satis benignus ut iceret utrasque personas ipissime.

Quamvis cor meum ita velit,
Timeo ne dolorem quem exhalem,
Sit minus quam dolorem,
20  Quem inspirem quando respondes.

Quare, quicquid in tibi animo est,
 Affectus germanos dice,
Sed clemente, clemente, Carissima mea,
Responde mihi quam clementissime possis.


Gently, gently, my dearest,
Answer me as gently as you can.
Love has oppressed me with a heavy hand.
It weighs me down; how long can I carry on?

I have kept silent until now, fearing that you would break my heart;
Because I know that we are impossible.
But now my confession swells in my breast,
Threatening to burst that heart I had so protected.

As Atlas groaned through clenched teeth,
10  So I long to exhale that confession once and for all,
So that once again,
 I can breathe without pain.

I do not wish to miss my one remaining chance
To love and be loved.
15  But that is as much as to say that Cupid is kind,
Kind enough to smite two lovers
For each other.

Even though my heart desires it,
I fear that the pain I exhale
20  Will be less than the pain I inhale
When you respond.

So tell me what is in your heart,
Tell me your true feelings,
But gently, gently, my dearest,
25  Answer me as gently as you can.


Dedicatum est ad Rachel Corrie, interfecta 2003

Taciti sunt subter pedibus politis;
Nominibus expertibus, ossibus molitis,
Pulvere sparso, clamoribus dispersis,
A vente desertorum pronuntiorum culpae.

Sanguo eorum solum Matris
Infectum est acriter in Nomine Patris;
Maeste durabant dum vestis graminis
Miniata est atrociter a caecis reis;

Rubro atramento
10  In promptu propter,
Non potuit quin calamum
Immergeret Mater.

Ea in tantulo lumine scripsit,
Qua reliqua lux trans serram egit;
15  In illa crypta umbrosa tabulari
Jacent debiti coccini notari,

In camera intima in angulo cordis,
Eradere possit nil inductionis;
Ea historia intellegitur a quonam,
20  Cujus dolor abit numquam?

The Beat

They are silent, nameless,
Ground to powder beneath polished feet,
The relentless desert wind of authoritarian proclamation
Having blown away the dust of their bones
And drowned their screams with blame.

Their grieving Mother,
Her sable coat soaked with blood,
Unnoticed by the blind raging rabble,
Her grassy garment besmirched with carmine dye,
10  Dipped her pen and wrote.

She wrote it all in that shadowy archival crypt
Whose only light passes through the keyhole of the lock;
Illegible in such dim illumination,
Indelible are crimson debts,
15  Which no amount of indoctrination can erase,

Etched in that eternal book,
The book forever lying open,
Who can understand Her history
Etched in that private corner of our hearts,
20  That never stops hurting?

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