Poesis Latina A William Burton Scripta
Latin Poetry by William Burton

Absurdus Tyrannus

ita adsimilati.
Quisque malus,
neque bonus;
ambo electus parvi;
exspes sumus
quod finis est incertus;
10  victoria
quod mox servi erimus.

Nunc saucia!
15  Victimae nos necare.
Tot occisi,
nunc debemus constare.
Crudi mortes;
20  eum fides;
inimicos proteri!
Per bellandum
ante malum,
nunc raptim nos defendi!

25  Sed aegrescit:
nos decipit,
evertit nostram terram.
Nunc debitum
It ad astrum,
30  et rapitur naturam.
Bella sine
quoquam fine,
nos iuribus secernit.
Et celere
35  et avare,
spem futuri excidit.

The Foolish Tyrant

To choose
is difficult;
they're so similar.
Each is bad,
neither is good;
both are poor choices;
but we must;
we are without hope
because the end is uncertain.
10  His victory
is a little sorrowful,
for soon we shall be slaves.

Now wounded!
15  They sacrificed themselves to kill us.
So many dead,
so much changed;
now we must stand together.
The corpses are still fresh,
20  but we put our faith in him;
trample our enemies under foot!
By waging war
after the disaster,
defend us now violently!

25  But things become troubled:
he's deceiving us,
he's ruining our country.
Now debt
goes to the stars,
30  and nature is being plundered.
Waging wars
that are without end,
he is depriving us of our rights.
Both rashly
35  and greedily,
he is destroying hope for the future.

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