"You want me to what, Wes?"

"Tie me up, and gag me. Angel, why is this hard for you? We do this every weekend! And alternate Thursdays."

"Because usually I tie you up and then we make wild passionate monkey love."

"Yes. Your point?"

"My point, Wes, is that this time you want me to tie you up, gag you, and lock you in the closet."

"And again, I ask, your point?"

"While I stay out here. And wank! Loudly, and I quote, 'with much moaning'."

"So I have strange kinks. Indulge me."

"But why do I have to scream 'Oh, Lilah', when I come?"

"See above, re kinks."


"Angel, please? For me?"

"... Fine. But Wes?"


"What's this bucket for?"