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Here's my Livejournal, and my fiction posted first on LJ (which is also all here).

Many of my stories have no pairing (though the no pairing stories often have some romantic or sexual tension). I list the primary characters who act as protagonists for each story; a slash ("/") rather than a comma (",") indicates that the story has a pairing. I don't indicate pairings for my own subtext.

Pairings, where they're present, are mostly slash (m/m and f/f), some het. Your mileage may vary.

Disclaimer: These are fanworks. I make no money off them, and intend only to pay homage to the original creators, who still own the copyrights in most cases. Even when the creations are in the public domain, I still intend homage and make no money.

Feedback: In all honesty, I love polite constructive criticism as much as or more than rave reviews. Please feel free to suggest things you think I could have done better. I can't guarantee I'll agree, but your opinions are welcome. jadelennox -at- suberic.net.

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