Blank Verse Blog Week

To celebrate the birthday of the Bard
(The twenty-third of April) we declare
A week of bloggy verse! From seventeenth
Of April, 'til the twenty-third. A week
of bloggers posting in blank verse, for kicks.

A FAQ in prose is here, but if you ask
"Can this be done?" another FAQ's below.
It isn't art, but what the heck? Enjoy.

The questions asked with frequency are here:

Dear Jade and Cnoocy: what is Blank Verse Blog
Week? Are you smoking crack, or not? Do tell...

On Blank Verse Blog Week, bloggers write in -- guess --
Of course -- blank verse. No prizes or awards;
We're not a NaNoWriMo here. Just folks,
Some silly people with a silly plan.

Blank verse? The E. E. Cummings stuff, correct?

In fact, a common misconception, but
Blank verse is not the meter-free "free verse"
Preferred (though not exclusively) by Ed-
ward Estlin Cummings. "Blank", instead, has still
No rhyme, but meter strict: a line of blank
Has iambs five (am I the only one
Who's bothered that one can't describe this scheme
While writing in it?) Poems famed for verse
in blank include the Idylls Of the King,
By Tennyson, and much of Shakespeare's work.
But drivel, too, can have strict meter, as
is prov'd herein. Go nuts -- have fun with verse!