No Romans, No Countrymen

..just friends. Some nearby, some elsewhere.
The House of Roses
I live here, with my partner Mary. It's a big beautiful house full of tapestries, whiteboards, and (of course) roses. We also share the house with Mouse and Vel.

Jennie House
Jennie Hango used to live at the CSCB (see below) with me. Now she just lives nearby. Before I went to Peoria she lived in Cosmic Power Suite with me at Mudd. She also lives with a cat named Liberty.

Matt House
I'm putting off writing about Matt Morse's house because he's moving soon.

Goodsmith House
Until they come up with a better name, that's what I'm calling the house where ex-CSCB'er Jason Goodman and Carolyn Jean Smith live. They have cats named Tremolo and Vibrato, a couple of computers, and more recorders than you can shake a harpsichord at.

The Freak House
My brother's house, which has whiteboard envy :) and their own server. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and eschatology. Also their cats (yes, there are lots of cats in my circle of friends), Trolley Mousekewitz, Aditu Mousekewitz, and Alistair Crowley.

The Cedar Street Couch and Brownie
The folks I used to live with. Includes:

The Summer House (previously the Star House)
Mary used to live there. I still go over there to play Mage. Previously including Rebecca Christianson.

Other Boston friends

Out-of-town friends

Besides the previously mentioned Marc and Becca (my twin brother and my sister-in-law) there are: None of whom, to my knowledge, have web pages.
I have more friends than this, I just haven't got around to adding them yet.
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