The Five Seasons and their Apostles

The seasons (Chaos, Discord, Confusion, Bureaucracy, the Aftermath) are easily understandable through the device of Starbuck's pebbles.
5 Pebbles


Five pebbles, arranged in a pentagon. No connecting lines.

This is the ancient universe, as earliest humans saw it. There is no suggestion of either the Aneristic Illusion (the idea that order is real) or the Eristic Illusion (the idea that disorder is real). Apostle Hung Mung came out of this mindset and planted the seeds of the Taoist religion, whose followers don't apply their force to the universe, but instead allow the universe to guide their force.

5 Pebbles:Star


Five pebbles in a pentagon. Lines connect every other pebble, creating a star.

This is the universe as humans begin to get the idea that there is something to be said about it. "Disorder!" they said, falling for the Eristic Illusion hook, line, and sinker. "It's all disorder!" Fortunately, disorder is something we can enjoy. Apostle Dr. Van Van Mojo helped with this by being the first to turn drumming from a monotonous beat into a semichaotic jam.

5 Pebbles:Pent&Star


Five pebbles in a pentagon. Lines connect every pebble, creating a pentagon and a star.

This is the universe as humans begin to add some method to the madness. The Aneristic Illusion has appeared, and some people are not sure about which is true. Apostle Sri Syadasti had an answer to this in his name: All affirmations are true in some sense, false in some sense, meaningless in some sense, true and false in some sense, true and meaningless in some sense, false and meaningless in some sense, and true and false and meaningless in some sense. He also thought folks should allow psychedelic experiences to guide them through the change. Apostle Blessed Saint Gulik the Stoned, meanwhile, is a roach.

5 Pebbles:Pentagon


Five pebbles in a pentagon. Lines connect the pebbles around the edge, forming a pentagon.

This is the universe as humans decide that it is orderly. The Aneristic Illusion is in full form, as scientists and politicians do their best to impose order on the world they see. Apostle Zarathud saw this, and became a hermit so he could watch the silliness from afar. He also found the Pentabarf, one of the largest impositions of Order on Discordians.

5 Pebbles:Scattered

The Aftermath

Five pebbles, scattered.

This is the universe once humans start playing with it. Illusions are what you make of them, and they're not hard to do. Apostle The Elder Malaclypse tried to get people to do this by carrying a sign saying "DUMB", as in what a dumb game you're playing right now, when you could be having so much more fun. The people of that time preferred not to see that message, though, and instead read "DOOM". Later, Mal-1 came to Lord Omar and Mal-2 in a vision, disguised as a chimpanzee, in the event that I call the Malaclypse, in order to plant the seed of Discordianism, which will eventually lead the entire planet out of damnation into salvation.

Note from MFB, 43Chs3162: I've since (since 57Cnf3160, anyway) moved from a future eschatological interpretation to a present echatological one. (If you don't know wht that means, ask a theology student.)
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