Here are details on some of the saints and such our members believe in.

St. Rufus, St. Bill, St. Ted

In the future of the Bill and Ted movies, total Eristic Enlightenment is widespread. Rufus, through his wholesale butchery of the spacetime continuum, made it possible for his future to happen, and through the chaos of their music Eris moved across the world. That's really incoherent. At any rate, I think those are really cool movies when seen from a Discordian viewpoint.

St. Bicycle Wheel

As you pass a bike rack, look carefully. Quite possibly, you will see a single bike wheel, attached to the rack by a strong lock of some sort. That wheel is St. Bike Wheel. As you pass, say "Hail Saint Bike Wheel!" and salute.

Yakko-el, Wakko-el, Dot-el

The Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister!) are not saints per se. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are elemental forces of zaniness and are the Discordian equivalents of angels.

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