Rikchik religious practices

The mainstream culture of rikchiks (the Two-Suns Alliance and its neighbors) shares a majority religion based on the Seven Gods. The worship of these deities has been more and less widespread throughout history, but it has had a majority since before the Golden Age. The temples and priests of these Gods are an integral part of life in this culture.
"I will surprise you."
The god Chaos is the god of luck and of the unexpected.
Temples of Chaos include gambling establishments.
Priests of Chaos are said to be lucky.
Chaos's color is red.
Chaos hates cheaters.
Chaos's neighbors are Love and Fight.
"I will defend you."
The god Fight is the god of war and fighting.
Temples of Fight are often barracks or training grounds.
Priests of Fight are warriors, and often martial artists.
Fight's color is blue.
Fight hates traitors.
Fight's neighbors are Chaos and Dead.
"I will provide rest."
The god Dead is the god of death.
Temples of Dead provide funeral services.
Priests of Dead can sanctify burial grounds.
Dead's color is white.
Dead hates grave-robbers and necromancers. (Due to this, there is still a cultural aversion to organ donation among modern rikchiks.)
Dead's neighbors are Fight and Book.
"I will preserve your knowledge."
The god Book is the god of writing and knowledge.
Temples of Book are libraries and courts.
Priests of Book are teachers and sages.
Book's color is yellow.
Book hates book-burners and ignorance.
Book's neighbors are Dead and Fruit.
"I will feed you."
The god Fruit is the god of harvests and plantings.
Temples of Fruit celebrate harvests and feed the hungry.
Priests of Fruit bless fields and are knowledgeable botanists.
Fruit's color is purple.
Fruit hates poisoners and the wasteful.
Fruit's neighbors are Book and Love.
"I will bring you together."
The god Love is the god of love and friendship.
Temples of Love perform rites of passage to adulthood.
Priests of Love are friendly and social.
Love's color is green.
Love hates betrayers.
Loves's neighbors are Fruit and Chaos.
"I will give you a stable center."
The god Home is the god of family.
Temples of Home perform weddings and marriage counseling, as well as housing travelers.
Priests of Home are healers.
Home's color is black.
Home hates adulterers and other home-breakers.
Home is at the center of the gods, and is neighbor to all of them.
Young priests will be priests of one particular god, but as they mature they will take on other gods, eventually becoming priests of one god, its neighbors, and Home.
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