Rikchik mating practices

(Note: this page is based on a post to the CONLANG list.)

All this talk of alien sexual practices, I had to chime in with some info on rikchik mating.

Rikchiks are not gendered... there is only one rikchik gender.

Adult rikchiks join into family groups with their close friends. Few families grow larger than seven rikchiks (seven being an auspicious number for rikchiks the same way 5 or 10 are for humans). A family group is "Home-?-R-0" (an animate home). [left]

Rikchiks do not wear clothes, but they do paint themselves. General painting styles vary, but one thing that has endured for a long time is that each family devises a symbol representing their family, and that symbol is painted on the back side of the globe head/body by one of the other family members. Single rikchiks do not paint anything on the back of their globe. "Paint" in the sense of painting on the globe is a separate glyph. The family symbol is "Home-Agent-N-0 Paint-?-T-1" (paint called "done by the family"). [right]

Reproduction involves 2 or more rikchiks, the "parent" and one or more "contributors." The parent carries and gives birth to the child and provides half of the genetic material of the child. The contributors provide the other half, between them. The sexual act tends to take at least a full day. A parent usually asks one or more of its family members to contribute to its child. The child born lives with the family, but is not considered to be part of the family in the same way the adults are, and does not have the back of its globe painted. When it becomes an adult, it is expected to join some other family. (The glyphs for "Parent", "Contributor", and "Child" can probably be seen to the left. The "Source" relation is often used to identify one's parent. The verb form of "Parent" and "Contributor" refer to the sexual act; the verb form of "Child" refers to birth.)

Selection has varying nuances, but rikchiks have considered a very spherical globe to be "beautiful" since the first rikchik dragged itself out of the ocean. Sexual selection has created the very spherical rikchiks that exist in these times. (Beautiful is often expressed as "Happy-Result-N-0 Globe-?-M-1".) [right]

It is uncommon for a modern rikchik to be the parent of two children, and extremely rare to have more than two. Most have one, with a few never being a parent at all. A rikchik will often contribute to many children, depending on its family. In the past, birth rates were higher, but it has always been very rare for a single rikchik to have 4 or more children. This is part of the reason the scholastic collector is called what it is.

Non-procreative sex is unheard of (the rikchiks say "Physically impossible") but a related (and shorter) pleasurable multirikchik act is often performed by family members and occasionally outside of a family, especially by young adults. This act has its own glyph and is usually translated into English as "Stroke." [left]

As there is only one gender, there is no issue of hetero or homosexuality, but a parallel issue of "Xenosexuality" has come up since contact. Rikchiks who invite humans or other aliens into their families and/or engage in stroking are beginning to appear, though this is looked down upon by many rikchiks, especially veterans of the rikchik-human war. The phrase usually used for this is some combination of "Human-Agent-N-0" or "Human-Patient-N-0" and "[Home|Stroke]-?-V-1". [right]

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