Rikchik Names

A rikchik's name can have up to 5 different components. Each one is a phrase collected by the Rikchik glyph and relating to it a different way. All words inside a naming phrase have their forms set to N (name).
Quality: personal name.
A short (1-3 glyph) name belonging to that rikchik. Usually given by its parent. Common Quality-names include plants and animals (Sky-N-Instrument-0 Fish-N-Quality-1), descriptions (Happy-N-Quality-0 Happy-N-Quality-1), and almost any single word (Spot-N-Quality-0).
Source: parent's name.
The Quality-name of the rikchik's parent.
Includes: home name.
The name of the rikchik's home, chosen by the founders of the house. A "single" rikchik will have no home name. Homes tend to have more complicated or strange names, since each home in a city needs to have a unique name to avoid confusion.
Agent: raising-home name.
The name of the home that the rikchik was raised by. Usually the same as the Includes-name of its parent.
Destination: home-city name.
The name of the city the rikchik is from. Its home nation (and planet) can be used instead or added if necessary. This name changes when a rikchik moves to another city. Rikchiks with no spatial home (travelers, ship crews, etc.) usually use "All-N-Destination-0" as their Destination-name.

complicated name Happy-N-Quality-0
Sky Watcher, house of Boxed Water, from Bright Grass city, child of Pulser, raised by Happy Insect house. (You may find it helpful to see this phrase parsed.)

This rikchik would most likely only use this full name for official documents. In daily life it would probably be called Sky-N-Patient-0 Eye-N-Quality-1 Rikchik-R-End-1 (Sky-Watcher), or Box-N-Includes-0 Water-N-Includes-1 Sky-N-Patient-0 Eye-N-Quality-1 Rikchik-R-End-2 (Sky-Watcher Boxed-Water).

If Sky-Watcher was to leave the country, it would perhaps introduce itself as Two-N-Quality-0 Sun-N-Destination-1 Sun-N-Quality-0 Grass-N-Destination-1 Sky-N-Patient-0 Eye-N-Quality-1 Rikchik-R-End-1 (Sky-Watcher, from Two-Suns, from Bright-Grass) or simply as Two-N-Quality-0 Sun-N-Destination-1 Sky-N-Patient-0 Eye-N-Quality-1 Rikchik-R-End-1 (Sky-Watcher, from Two-Suns) if it doesn't expect to be confused with someone else from a different city in Two-Suns. The watcher (the rikchik being talked to) is expected to be able to distinguish between city names and country names, though there is no clear way to do so other than knowing all the country names. A city name is usually not also the name of a country.

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