Puzzles by Denis

I enjoy solving and creating puzzles. I've been a participant in the MIT Mystery Hunt since 2001 and was an avid Games reader in the 1980s. In 2007 I joined the National Puzzlers' League, taking the "nom de puzzle" Capital R.

I've created some puzzles as well.

MIT Mystery Hunt 2003

As part of the team ACME, I helped create and run the 2003 MIT Mystery Hunt, which had a "Matrix" theme. I also wrote or co-wrote these puzzles:

Puzzle Potluck

I threw a puzzle potluck in March 2008, inviting people to bring puzzles to share. I created my first cryptic crossword for this event:


In 2011, as part of the Boston team, I helped put on the third iteration of DASH (Different Area, Same Hunt) which had a fairy tales theme. Our team wrote one puzzle, presented here locally because DASH's site is broken.

The Wanderer and the Wu Xing

In early 2017 my brother Marc and I, with editing from Nathan Curtis, published The Wanderer and the Wu Xing, a 5-puzzle-plus-meta mini puzzle set. We both collaborated on all the puzzles but each had a primary developer and these were mine:

Simpler puzzles

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