Discordia and Manicheanism

Praise Eris

I've had some bad insomnia lately, so this is what I came up with last night while actively not sleeping:

Mani's teachings do not seem to be incompatible with Discordian tenets(such as they are). Manicheans believed in 3 dieties:the Serpent God of Knowlege, The God of Order, and Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom. The God of Order entrapped the naturally chaotic soul into a body, which is an imposition of order upon the state of nature of the soul. However, we are attached to our chaotic soul by way of the Pineal Gland. Anyway, the Sophia, who is of course an embodiment of Eris Esoteric, stayed out of this conflict and attempts to help us regain the chaotic self we possessed before forced into the orderly bodies. The serpent god attempted to help us transcend our bodies by showing us the paths of good and evil, but this god seems to be the god of Greyface.

This is all just bizaare speculation from the mind of a very very tired man. Please disregard, or not, as you choose.

Non Serviam.

Padgett L. Arango, DDS, Grand Dark Pope of Claremont.

Written Mon Feb 7 23:15:04 PST 1994 (E-Night, Chaos 38 3160)