Fluxx Rules!

Fluxx is an excellent game by Andrew Looney that is currently being published by Looney Labs. The game is a card game with constantly changing rules that all my friends seem to love. I've come up with a couple of new cards for the game:
Keeper: Andrew Looney
Go to some sort of convention where Andrew Looney is going to be. Find him. Get him to sign a blank Fluxx card. (You may have to dissuade him from signing your Chocolate card.) Once he signs it, put the standard Keeper stuff on the card.
Goal: Icehouse
The player who has both Andrew Looney and The Pyramid on the table wins. You could use the Icehouse logo for the art.
Action: Pay for your keepers
When this card is played, all players may discard as many keepers as they wish. After they have done so, each player must remove one article of clothing for every keeper they have on the table. (Depending on the kind of group you play with, this may be replaced with "take one drink" or "throw a dime in the pot" or whatever.) Note that this allows anyone to opt out of playing "Strip Fluxx".
Goal: Flush
If any player has a hand of at least 5 cards in which all the cards are of the same type (goal, keeper, new rule, or action) tnen the player with the largest such hand wins.
Goal: Kill your television
The player who has both Death and the Television on the table wins.
Goal: Food Fight
The player who has both War and a Food card on the table wins if at least one other player has a food card on the table. Drinks count as food: body parts do not.
New Rule: First card random
The first card you play each turn must be chosen at random by the player on your right.
Goal: Love and Rockets
The player who has both Love and the Rocket on the table wins.
Goal: Big Brother
The player who has the Eye face down on the table wins.
You'll probably want more blank cards; fortunately Looney Labs now sells blank Fluxx cards! Yaaayyy!
Last modified on October 26, 1999 by Denis. The pun in the heading is indeed intentional.