Discordian Creationism

Original Posting to Alt.Discordia:

I was pondering creationism and evolutionism today. It occurred to me that Discordian Creationism looks very similar, nay, identical to Darwinian Evolutionism. Eris thinks, Okay, I'm bored. Let's make something. Well, what to start with? How about an explosion? That'll be fun. (BOOM) Okay, now we've got all this stuff floating around, let's clump some of this stuff together, and oh look! this stuff spins well... hmm... well, how about a set of stuff.... (much later) okay, let's try something really interesting... life! That would be neat... (zot) okay, it's not as interesting as I thought... well, what if it worked like this? Ouch, that didn't work... Well, if it could do this.. hey, neat! Alright, let's try something else.. whee!

Wow, there are so many Discordian Creationists out there... it's amazing...

Further reflection

Eventually, Eris came up with the idea of making living things that could play with life like she could. That's us.
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