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Note: this page is not currently in a final form. and it's a bit more up to date, but not much.

So these are people that I like to call my friends. Many of them are geeks like me, and have homepages lying around to which I can link. Others aren't, and don't.

As always, the descriptions will be changed as soon as I figure out more interesting things to say. Or when I get around to doing large-scale modifications of my web pages. Both events are rare.


Bostonians and the like. People I see fairly often.

Freak House

This is where I live.
Deborah Kaplan
Deborah currently maintains the Diana Wynne Jones homepage . The rest of the stuff at her site is interesting, too, of course. She recently earned her Master's degreen in Children's Literature from Simmons College.
Rebecca Moskowitz
(neé Rebecca Pratt) Becca is one of my best friends from high school. She is currently pursuing he lifelong ambition to be a corporate drone. Or is that a middle school teacher? I forget. We all try to get along with Becca at our house--normal roommates don't rip people's arms out of their sockets when they're mad. Beccas are known to do that.
Marc Moskowitz
Marc has neat hair and writes Latin poetry. Marc is married to the aforementioned Becca.
Trolley Mousekewitz
Trolley is still living with the rest of our apartment. She is currently trying to take over the world.
Aditu Mousekewitz
Aditu also lives with us. She spends most of her time sleeping and eating. In that respect, she is usually considered the most intelligent member of the house.
Crowley is the newest addition to the household. He currently spends most of his time annoying Aditu during the day, and me during the night.

Locals, Misc.

People have moved around a lot recently, so I'm not even going to try to group them by living locations.

Reebee Kavich
Reebee's going to Harvard Divinity school. For a while I wanted to go to Divinity School, but I found out that they didn't teach you how to become a Divinity. <sigh>
Michelle Dunnewind
Michelle is a best friend from high school. She just (August 1999) moved up to Boston. And now she works with me at ATG
Jason Goodman
Jason used to be a MouseHouser, but decided he'd rather live with his girlfriend than with mice. Imagine that!
Jessica Perry Hekman
Jessica's hair is no longer green. This is a sad thing.
Cana McCoy
Despite the fact that Cana comes very close to putting my Wesleyan alumni count over the limit, I still like to hang out with her.
JD Paul
And JD, who went to Haverford, but I only got to know once I lived in Boston.
Jennie Hango
Jennie also used to be at MouseHouse, but decided she'd rather live alone. (And the next person went wee wee wee wee wee all the way home...)
Paul Williams
Paul is now a Bostonian--actually, probably the only one on this list of Somervillians and Cambridgites. He's at Div School (of all things) at Boston University now. He's also a chicken, I tell you, a giant chicken!


Aimee Slater
Aimee Aimee Aimee... Aimee used to go to Haverford with us, but then, after graduation, chose to go back home to the Great White Northwest. I think she's hoping to find a husband, but is spending more time with more short-term companions.
John (Afsal) Kuner
John is a friend from high school. He has now escaped from New Jersey, and live in Oakland, or San Francisco, or Spokane, or one of those other Out West cities. They're all the same.
Allan Clifton
Allan is a friend of mine from Haverford. He and I used to play Cosmic Encounter a lot with our friends at school, a game at which I would routinely beat him like a stepchild. Allan is getting married very soon.
Josh "Scooter" Parker
Scooter lives downstairs from us with David, who, sadly, is homepageless.
Kevin Lyda
Kevin is now in Ireland.
David Arbury
is tall and blonde, and is truly frightening when he wears his leather jacket. He lives in D.C. and works at the Library of Congress. Who knows what else he's up to.
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