"If it's good enough to have your name on it, then we don't want it!

What is Foetid?

Foetid was the brainchild of Deborah Kaplan, who realized, after having read some of the published material in one of Haverford College's other fine literary publications, that a college campus needs a place where overly pretentious, poorly written, sophomoric poetry, angst-ridden and soul-felt photographs and other artwork, and prose with long, drawn-out sentences that you think will never end, as if the author had nothing better to do than to write half-assed self-referential claptrap in a futile attempt to try to appear clever, can be published.

So Foetid came along. Deborah and a few of her cronies scammed some money from HC budgeting, then went on to get some submissions from the rest of the community, and then, one night in late April, threw the whole thing together, took it to a printer to get some cheap photocopies done (we didn't manage to scam that much money), and then released it to the rest of campus.

So what's up with Volume 2?

Ok. Here's the deal. The submissions for Volume 2 have been received, and we do have enough material for it and all. The problem is that somebody hasn't gotten around yet to publishing this yet. As soon as it gets published, I will put it up on the web.

In the meantime, if you think that this person should get off her ass and publish Volume 2, send her email. If you think that she should give me some samples of what will be in the next issue so I can get something on this page, then send her email. She loves getting unsolicited email. Trust me.

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