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Not too much to say, really. I try to update this page. Every once in a while I actually get around to it, too. But not very often.

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Considering that this page is titled 'Allen's Page O' Fun', it's not surprising that I would be Allen, no?

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It's been a long time since I updated this page, I see. In fact, I probably wouldn't have gone even longer without an update, except that I'm now maintaining a new website, and so I figure, as long as I'm updating that one, I might as well update my site, too.

Since the last time that I wrote here, I've changed jobs. I'm still working at ATG, but now I'm in Sustaining Engineering rather than support. Which is a good thing. I maybe don't get to code as much as I'd like yet, but it's a start.

Spending a lot of my spare time working on Pooka. I haven't spent nearly as much time playing Ultima and I'd like to have.

Oh, and we're buying a house. Figured that I'd mention it.

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Note: Most of these pages have been updated as of...umm, a long time ago.

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