Our Process: Working with the client

We'll integrate into your development process in the way that works best for you. Whether you'd like us to produce an entire solution, or whether you'd prefer we work closely with your existing development team, we can serve your needs. We work with waterfall or agile software development practices; in proprietary or open source code bases; on short or long-term projects; and as integrated members of your team or in isolation.

When we sign a contract with you, we'll create a detailed statement of work including deliverables and time estimates. While the work is continuing, we aim to check in with the client on a weekly basis, so you are never surprised. We will also happily keep in touch with you on a more regular basis, using whatever platform your organization uses for communication among technical staff (such as Slack, Skype, IRC, etc.).


When we have our initial consultation, we will talk through your needs in order to come up with the proposal which is right for you. We provide:

Training materials and documentation can be aimed at a variety of audiences, including developers, designers, content creators, or end-users. We produce documentation or training for specific websites or software tools, but we will also create general accessibility and usability how-to and best practice materials customized for your individual needs.

Interested? Contact us to set up an initial conversation.