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Wales: Personal information and other tidbits

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The most popular request I get is for Diana's address. I can't give out this information without her permission. However, if you'd like to get in touch with her, please do as I did, and write to her care of her publisher:

Greenwillow Books, 1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019, USA

[DWJ from German
books, from Bettina]
To her friends

Neil's Thankyou pome
Reprinted by kind permission of The Magian Line issue 2.2.

There's a kitten curled up in Kilkenny was given a perfect pot of cream,
And a princess asleep in a thornwrapped castle who's dreaming a perfect dream,
There's a dog in Alaska who danced with delight on a pile of mastodon bones,
But I got a copy of Hexwood (dedicated to me) by Diana Wynne Jones.

There's an actress who clutches her oscar (and sobs, with proper impromptu joy),
There's a machievellian villain who's hit on a wonderf'lly evil ploy,
There's wizards in crystal castles and kings on their golden thrones,
But I got a copy of Hexwood -- dedicated -- to me! -- by Diana Wynne Jones

There are fishermen out on the sea today who just caught the perfect fish,
There's a child in Luton who opened a genie-filled bottle, and got a wish,
There are people who live in glass houses have managed to outlaw stones --
But I've got a copy of Hexwood, dedicated to me by Diana Wynne Jones

Jane Yolen wrote this to me about DWJ:

Diana is a friend of mine. She is deliciously wicked, tells wonderful stories, is much too nice to people who use her, has bouts with terrible health problems and then makes light of it all in stories that alternately curl your toes and make you fall on the ground laughing.

And if I could get her to stop smoking, I'd be a happy camper.

The self critic

Before I set up this page, I did a fairly thorough web search to make sure there wasn't already a good DWJ resource on the Web (this was back in late 1995 or early 1996, and there weren't any other resources). In this search, I came across an advertisement for The Medusa, an unfortunately short-lived litzine from Steel Dragon Press, run by the intrepid Will Shetterly and Emma Bull.

The litzine was quite good. I've received permission from Will Shetterly to reprint DWJ's article from The Medusa here. Thanks, Will!