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About the list

The Diana Wynne Jones discussion list is for discussions of Diana Wynne Jones and her work. As with many Internet mailing lists, discussion are bound to range far off topic, but let's please try to keep ourselves moderately grounded in DWJ. That is, if you absolutely must share your Uncle Harold's blackened chicken recipe, try to connect it with the dreadful school food in Witch Week. That being said, we do talk about food an awful lot!

Please feel free to introduce yourself after you subscribe! We are a friendly bunch.

Only people who have subscribed to the list may post to it, in order to avoid spam. Rudeness, flaming, and malice are not permitted and will result in your removal from the list (though somehow I doubt that we'll have to worry about such things with the fans of DWJ). The archives are publically availablie on-line at

You can subscribe to the list by sending a message to with the body "subscribe". You can subscribe to the digest list (a single daily message containing the text of all messages sent to the list in one day) by sending mail to You will be asked to send back an authorization message to an automated program; this is to prevent someone else from subscribe you as a joke.

Questions, comments to The Diana Wynne Jones web page is at

About the List Members

at the end of 2001, Ania ran a questionnaire amongst the list members to discover our demographics. Here are the results, in her words (mildly edited by Deborah 4 July 2002):

In the religion question I counted the current religion - or lack thereof - not the family background, e. g. my own entry was: "Atheist. Was Catholic." and it counts once only, under "none". I had a bit of a dilemma in subdividing the Christian varieties and I decided to keep it simple and have Catholic, E. Orthodox and Protestant, which covers the rest. Likewise, I did not presume to subdivide Judaism, because I don't know enough about it and besides, some people just put down "Jewish" and others qualified it. Anyway, here goes:

First DWJ.
Charmed Life a clear winner!
  • CL- 18
  • Dogsbody- 8
  • Witch Week- 5
  • LoCC- 4
  • ToTC and Archer's Goon- 3
  • Ogre and Cart and Cwidder- 2
  • Homeward Bounders, TotG, Hexwood, 8DoL and Howl - 1
Quintessential DWJ.
CL wins again.
  • CL- 11
  • AG- 10
  • HMC- 6
  • F&H- 5
  • TotG and DS- 4
  • ToTC and LoCC- 3
  • HBs, Hex, 8DoL, SWM, Dk Lord and Magicians of Caprona- 1
Favourite DWJ
Most people had more than one fave; they are all taken into account equally. F&H is the winner by a large margin, though DS was a strong challenger.
  • F&H- 29
  • DS- 21
  • HMC- 14
  • Hex- 11
  • AG and HBs- 7
  • CL and LoCC- 6
  • Drowned Ammet and Po3- 3
  • Spellcoats, ToTC, C&Cw, CoD, 8DoL, MoC - 2
  • Dogsbody, Ogre, SWM, Dk Lord, YotG, Changeover- 1