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March 26th 1996

Dear Deborah Kaplan,

Laura Cecil passed your letter on to me. Thank you for writing. I was delighted. It's wonderful to think you like my books enough to want to put them into World Wide Web (one of my sons spends hours at a time on it, but he's never offered to do this for me!). Please, by all means go ahead and put it all in there.

Are you up to date on publications? I enclosc a rather elderly list, with emendations - put in as I remembered them, so out of chronological order. I think I caught them all.

I think your idea of 'a sort of paper interview' is an excellent one. Just send me yotir questions and I will do my best with them - and also try to spread into places where you may not know to ask, such as the remarkable way my books come true on me (and other unfortunates) and my travel jinx and so forth, and maybe the fact that, in this country at least, as many adults read the books as children. Anyway, send the questions, and we'll see. I look forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes,

Diana Wynne Jones