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Howl's Moving Castle series

Howl's Moving Castle
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US Paperback UK Paperback US Hardcover, Greenwillow 1986, Cover by Jos. A. Smith, ISBN 0-688-06233-4. UK Hardcover

The First Chapter permission pending.

The melody to Calcifer's silly saucepan song. It's a Welsh folksong, traditionally sung at Rugby matches.

published 1986.

Author's note on the dedication page:

"The idea for this book was suggested by a boy in a school I was visiting, who asked me to write a book called The Moving Castle. I wrote his down his name, and put it in such a safe place, that I have been unable to find it ever since.

I would like to thank him very much."

Sophie Hatter knows from the start that she's doomed, as the eldest of three in a land where seven-league boots exist. Watch her defeat the lecherous Wizard Howl, a nefarious villain from a land of great evil.

The Movie!

Hayao Miyazaki has made a film adaptation of Howl's Moving Castle for Studio Ghibli.


Boston Globe Horn Book Honor, 1986.

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Read Deborah's thesis on Diana Wynne Jones and the power of language which has an extended section on this book.

Castle in the Air

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hardback, published 1990, Methuen Children's Books, cover by Alan Fraser, ISBN 0-416-15782-3 paperback, published 1991 by Mammoth, an imprint of Mandarin Paperbacks, cover by Alan Fraser ISBN0 7497 0475 6 hardback, Greenwillow

published 1990.

Kindness to animals pays off in a land where only the True can prevail against the Djinni. Sound hokey? In anyone else's hands, it would have been.

Castle in the Air
1992: Mythopoeic Fantasy Award, nominated