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Market Chipping Flower Shop: Books, Stories, and Articles by and about DWJ

Welcome to The Market Chipping Flower Shop! Feel free to browse our shelves, and examine any titles that interest you. Some of these plants are mere buds, just barely sprouting bibliographical information. Others are sending out tentative shoots of commentary. A few have sported the luscious blossoms of cover scans or the ripe fruit of chapters.

Complete Bibliography

The book pages have blurbs, reviews, award info, cover art, purchase links, and (occasionally) first chapters. Follow the links to see titles. Some books may appear below in more than one list.

The Bookstore

Support your local, independently owned bookstore, but if you want to buy over the Internet, I provide links to two independent bookstores, Powells in the US, and Heffers in the UK. If a book is out of print, you can try, or search for DWJ books on ABE Books (a used book site that acts as a facilitator between you and small used book sellers), or you can try (which searches used and new book sites and gives you a nice price comparison). If you still can't find it, post a book request on The Gateway to Elsewhere DWJ Book Swap.

Go directly to Powells' list of all Diana Wynne Jones books, or search from here: