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Welcome to the Diana Wynne Jones Wiki. A [Wiki] is a collaborative encyclopedia-building project. All users of the Wiki can contribute to add encyclopedia information about Diana Wynne Jones and her works to this site. This is an encyclopedia, not a discussion forum.

These are discussion forums:

Note on spam and page editing: To slow wiki spam, you now need a password to edit pages on this wiki. Don't worry, you don't need to ask for a password -- just follow the link at the top and bottom of any page labeled "Preferences" and enter "cennoreth" in the Administrator password field (that's not the first password field, but the second password field immediately beneath it). This won't prevent malicious or manual spam, but will stop the robots. E-mail "owner-dwj @ suberic.net" if this solution won't work for you, and maybe we can come up with something else. Spammers should be aware that Google does not index old revisions of this page as of 9 January 2005, so if you're determined to spam us manually, you're wasting your time.

Some places to start:

All users can add or edit new articles or existing article content, which can include off-site links. Site policy requires (1) relevant articles, (2) general respect for other contributors, and (3) respecting copyright. All text added to this Wiki will be licensed under the terms of the [GNU Free Documentation License].

Naming Conventions for Articles

Quick intros on how to use this Wiki:

Have fun!

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Anyone can edit the DWJ wiki. To edit the DWJ wiki, edit the Preferences and enter the Administrator password (not the first password field, the second password field) 'cennoreth'.