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I live in Somerville, Massachusetts, with no car and no TV. On the weekend I mostly hang out with my friends, though occasionally I hack code, play games, mess around with graphics, or doodle. Lately I've been designing a language and creating new astronomical symbols. I went to school at Harvey Mudd College, in Computer Science. I speak French and Esperanto and a little Japanese. I founded the 5-College Discordian Society of Saint Rufus when I was at Mudd, in which I was known as Max Flax Beeblewax. I ride a skateboard and I ride a bicycle, but mostly I ride the T. I own over 600 vinyl records, and I used to run TFOS games now and then. Sometimes I write things, but not very often.

I use very basic HTML. If you like flashy colors and background images, configure your browser.
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