Proposed Symbols for Fictional Currencies

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These are non-canonical suggestions for symbols for fictional currencies.

Animal Crossing Bell (AXB)

AXB symbol

My proposed symbol for the Bell, the currency used in the Animal Crossing series of games, is based on the katakana character "be" (ベ) as well as the yen symbol (¥) and the shape of a bell.

Hylian Rupee (HYR)

HYR symbol

My proposed symbol for the Rupee of Hyrule, the setting of the Legend of Zelda series of games, is based on the hexagonal forms of the in-game rupees as well as the Old Hylian character for "ru".

American Wizarding Confederation Lion (WCL)

WCL symbol

My proposed symbol for the currency of the American Wizarding Confederation, from the Alexandra Quick series of Harry Potter fanfic stories. In this series, the American magical community uses the currency of Lions (which are stated to be gold). My symbol is a combination of Leo and the alchemical symbol for gold (which is also the symbol for the sun).

I had created symbols for the other coins in the series, the Eagle (10 to a Lion) and Pidge (20 to an Eagle), but the Eagle symbol depended on that coin being made of silver, which is explicitly contradicted by the text.

This page and these graphics by Denis Moskowitz. Last modified Saturday November 14, 2015. The symbols are given to the public domain and may be used freely, copied, redrawn, critiqued, etc. but please don't claim credit for them.