su·ber·ic /suˈbɛrɪk/ adj.
Of or pertaining to cork

Suberic Networks: Software and Hosting Solutions

Suberic Networks is a small Boston-based company. We create software for a variety of organizations and offer accessibility testing and remediation. We have provided hosting solutions for local organizations and nonprofits for 20 years.

We build database-backed software solutions with rich user interfaces that provide a tested and welcoming user experience. Suberic Networks is particularly adept with the Perl and Python programming languages, and we can modernize legacy software as well as design, build, and test new projects. We have specialties in accessibility, user experience, digital libraries, and publishing.

Sustainable, Maintainable, Accessible Solutions

All software that Suberic Networks creates adheres rigorously to best practices for accessibility and sustainability. We follow the appropriate standards for accessibility, such as the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), providing tested, accessible user interfaces which follow user experience best practices. We value maintainable code which can be sustained over the length of your organization's needs. Led by Deborah Kaplan, a W3C Invited Expert, digital library professional, and veteran software engineer, Suberic Networks aims to provide you with top notch documentation and training to support your software.

The result is accessible, tested, and thoroughly documented software that subsequent users and developers can run and re-use for years to come.