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Mr. Wentworth is the father of Brian Wentworth and serves under Miss Cadwallader. He is a witch who is exploited by the school and forced to give up a good chunk of his wages, preventing him from ever making enough money to support himself on a scale higher than rudimentary. His son believes that Mr. Wentworth does not buy nice things because he is evil and greedy, but this is not the case.
Mr. Wentworth is a character in Witch Week. He is the deputy headmaster of Larwood House school.

His wife is not around, and he is generally believed to be a widower. His son, Brian Wentworth, is a student at the school.

He insists on a parsimonious lifestyle for himself and his son, despite the good salary he gets as a deputy headmaster. Brian considers him to be a miser.

See also Witch Week (spoilers)

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