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As an adult, he is extraordinarily well-dressed, with smooth shiny hair. (His hair is still wriggly when it gets wet.) He never seems to be seen in the same elegant outfit twice. Most famous, to the lucky few who have seen them, are his dressing-gowns, which include:
* flowered silk, red and purple, with gold at the neck and sleeves (Charmed Life, chapter 4)
* wide and flowing, partly orange and partly bright pink, with a bright scarlet lining (chapter 6)
* green, with gold dragons embroidered on (chapter 12)
* sky-blue, with golden lions on (chapter 14)

He drinks tea without milk or sugar, but with lemon.

After his falling-out with their father, he lost track of Gwendolen and Cat until a year after their parents' death, when Gwendolen writes him a letter, at Mr Henry Nostrum's prompting, to find out what connection he has with their parents. After going to visit them, he arranges for them to come and live with him at Chrestomanci Castle.

See also Charmed Life (spoilers).

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