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The Strangian soldier is a character in Castle in the Air. Following Strangia's defeat in the war against Ingary, he becomes an itinerant living off his wits and anyone he can con or cheat money out of - in Ingary, where he can tell himself that conning and cheating the folk of Ingary is a revenge for Strangia's defeat.

He looks very dishonest when asleep, but has deceptively innocent blue eyes when awake.

The Genie directs Abdullah to the Strangian soldier for help in finding Flower-in-the-Night and the other princesses stolen away by the djinn Hasruel. The soldier hopes to marry a princess himself and be set up for life. He initially settles on Princess Valeria of Ingary (more revenge), but when he actually gets to meet the princesses he decides that [Princess Beatrice]? of Strangia is more his type.

See also: Castle in the Air (spoilers)

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