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Throgmorten is an Asheth Temple cat encountered by Christopher Chant in The Lives of Christopher Chant.

He is a ginger tom, who smells terrible and scratches and bullies the other cats; he doesn't get on with people much, either. The Living Asheth trades him to Christopher in return for books she hasn't read yet.

He has a very loud voice, with a wide range of howls, shrieks, throbs, and wails. The sound he makes most often is "Wong!".

In a tight corner, he is able to summon up at least two extra heads and three extra limbs in order to bite and scratch more effectively (unlike normal unpleasant ginger toms, who only seem to). He requires enchanter-strength protective spells to handle, as he can break through ordinary-strength ones. It has not been revealed whether these abilities are shared by the other Asheth Temple cats.

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