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In Fire And Hemlock, Thomas Lynn is a cellist, recently divorced from Laurel, whom Polly befriends at Hunsdon House. He is tall and thin, with fair hair and grey eyes, and wears gold-rimmed glasses.

He drives a yellow (stickshift) car, license number TC 123, and he is a truly terrible driver. He loves books (he cannot seem to stay out of used-book stores), and will not let people put books down open-faced. He is quiet and soft-spoken, but can be surprisingly strong-willed. As a boy, he went to Wilton College in Middleton. He knows a good deal about horses, and used to do a lot of photography, although he claims to have lost the knack. He also seems to enjoy writing stories.

His hero name is Tan Coul. His heroic ability is strength.

See also Fire and Hemlock (spoilers).

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