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In Fire and Hemlock, Sebastian Ralph Perry Leroy, known as Seb, is is the son of Mr Leroy and stepson of Laurel.

Seb is about four years older than Polly; when they first meet, he is about 14, about a foot taller than her, and strikes her as selfish, scornful, and rude (although given the occasion -- see Fire and Hemlock (spoilers) -- he has some excuse). At this age he likes the Who, the Rolling Stones, and David Bowie, and has discovered Michael Moorcock.

At 15, he has grown about a foot taller, has started smoking (despite his father's objections), and likes the Doors (though he is now sick of the other bands). He carries a silver lighter, wears a sheepskin jacket, and has a laugh which strikes Polly as "a sort of elegant churring."

At 16, he is tall and well-dressed and has a passion for photography; he owns a camera, which may be the same camera which Thomas Lynn once gave him. He is Head Boy at Wilton College, is planning to be a barrister, prefers to be called Sebastian, is studying for A-levels, and takes a picture of Polly which he puts up in his study. At 17, he rides a motorbike.

He evidently makes no secret of his romantic attachment to Polly, since she is "famous" at Wilton College as the object of Seb's devotion, but in general he maintains a self-possessed and slightly scornful demeanor. Although he applies to Oxford and Cambridge, he attends London University.

Fiona, who does not care for him, calls him Marmaduke.

More information about Seb can be found in Boyfriend spoilers and in Fire and Hemlock (spoilers).

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