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Climax: 5 = Climax (Magicians of Caprona), 1 = Anti-climax (Homeward Bounders)

Thought: 5 = V Good (Power of Three, Hexwood), 1 = Bad (Stealer of Souls)

r3m0t: Any other ideas? I want this to be finished and balanced before I actually start using it.

LR: Depends on what you like about DWJ, but you might want a humour scale.

r3m0t: I don't really notice humour much in DWJ (not that it doesn't exist) - I usually read the ones in which I lose myself. I have noticed, though, that [Time of the Ghost]? is more sinister compared to, say, [Homeward Bounders]?, which is more serious than Power of Three, which is more serious than Mixed Magics - some of which are officially listed as for the same age group.

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