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Marcus' sayings are sometimes easy to understand in context, sometimes not so much.

What he sayswhat it probably means
Bond Jewrywant jelly
Ike badnice man
airy bayhairy face
Ardy poonasty food
Oddie Dughorrid slug
Dillah, I need doad!Zillah, I need toast!
Damn damn bitchesjam sandwiches
dyke dead budslike red ones
Oddy dady bake Bilo godhorrid lady make Philo gone
Ort bake ow. Bad doubtInterpretations discussed on the mailing list included "horse make house"; "Horse make down! something down!"; "Horse make house. Bad house."; "Horse make house. Man don't". Good justifications were provided for each interpretation. It's been reported that DWJ intended it to mean "Horse break house. Man shout."

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