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NB: The book is called Power of Three, with no "The" on the front.
see also: Power of Three (spoilers)

PS. I suggest spoilers as chapters 8 forwards (7 is the day when the hunt sets out)


Power of Three is a novel, first published in 1976 by MacMillan? London Ltd. Republished with the new DWJ logo in 2001 by CollinsVoyager?.

A book with very good rereadability. Moral about racism, but doesn't preach. Plot centres around a cursed collar.


Main characters: Ayna, Gair and Ceri, a sister and two younger brothers.

Minor characters, with relations to Ayna, Gair and Ceri: parents Gest (chief of the Garholters) and Adara. Grandparent Og. Cousin Ondo and his two "henchkids" Scodo and Pad. Uncle and aunt Orban (chief of the Otmounders) and Kasta. Everybody a species called Lymen.


Otmound and Garholt, villages in the Moor


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