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Norland, or High Norland is located in the same world of Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Air, and House of Many Ways. It is the setting of House of Many Ways.

Other lands in the same world include the kingdoms of Strangia and Ingary, somewhere near Strangia, and the Sultanates of Rashpuht to the south.

High Norland is ruled by [King Adolphus X]?, the impoverished king. His daughter, [Princess Hilda]?, was one of the princesses kidnapped by the djinn Hasruel in Castle in the Air. The Royal Wizard is [Charmain Baker]?'s great uncle William. The royal chef is Jamal, who (along with his dog) joined Hilda after the escape from Hasruel.

High Norland is known for its wonderful royal library.

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