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Millie Chant is a character in the Chrestomanci series, the wife of Christopher Chant and the mother of Julia and Roger. She appears in Conrad's Fate and Charmed Life and (under another name) in The Lives of Christopher Chant.

Although she dresses in a manner appropriate to her station, she is remarkably ordinary in appearance and manner, and has occasionally been mistaken for a servant of some kind by unobservant strangers.

She is a powerful enchantress in her own right, but is not as often called on to demonstrate her power.

"Millie" is not her real name - or rather, it is her real name, but wasn't until she adopted it at the end of The Lives of Christopher Chant. Who she was before that is a spoiler.

(Note: Some editions of Charmed Life spell her name as "Milly", but "Millie" is officially the correct spelling.)

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