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Information on subscribing to the Diana Wynne Jones Mailing List or accessing past archives can be found [here].

Kale: I thought this would be a good place to archive things from the mailing list, such as recommended books. The mail archives can often be hard to navigate.

Eoj: We should definitely include the short story list discussion that determined which books you needed in order to have all the short stories.

Kale: Okay. Since I can't decide what to title these subpages, I'll dump the info here for the moment.

Except for "The Girl Jones," which I've never heard of, Unexpected Magic appears to collect every DWJ story (with a few exceptions) that hasn't already been collected in the recent Stopping for a Spell (reissued) and [[Mixed Magics]] (Chrestomanci) collections. This means that you only have to get these three books to collect just about every DWJ short story. The exceptions are "A True State of Affairs" (Dalemark), "Mela Worms," and "Slice of Life." Unexpected Magic also includes a few stories ("The Green Stone," "The Fat Wizard," and "Little Dot") that haven't before been collected.

I've listed all the DWJ short stories that I'm aware of and noted in which collection they might be found.

Here are the contents of Unexpected Magic:


Not in Unexpected Magic:

Dalemark short story

Chrestomanci short stories


Uncollected short stories


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