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There is a sequel to this book, called Year of the Griffin.


The world of this novel is a magical world which is forced imitate a stereotypical fantasy world and to conduct tours? of [pilgrim parties]?, tourists from another world, who would like to be heroes in a real-life derivative epic fantasy. The story centers around one family comprised of a mixture of humans and griffins.

Main Characters

This story has two primary protagonists: adolescent Blade, and his father, Wizard Derk.

The family consists of:

Many of the main characters are wizards, including: Querida, Derk and his wife Mara, his friend Barnabas?, Kit and Blade, and the mysterious Deucalion?.


A parallel world to ours, which is forced to be a derivative post-Tolkien fantasy world (like the one described in Tough Guide To Fantasyland) by [Mr Chesney]? who comes from our world.


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