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Books by Diana Wynne Jones



(For chronological order, and suggestions about reading order, see Dalemark Quartet.)


(For chronological order, and contents of Mixed Magics, see Chrestomanci series.)


(Published order is also chronological order and recommended reading order.)

Derk and Family

(Published order is also chronological order and recommended reading order.)


Short Story Collections

Note: Stopping for a Spell, Mixed Magics, and Unexpected Magic contain between them all of Diana Wynne Jones's short fiction except "The True State of Affairs", "Mela Worms", "I'll Give You My Word", "Samantha's Diary", and the poem "A Slice of Life".



Contributed To

Questions and notes: Do you want editor and publisher information for these collections? Can probably give anthology theme or background and listings of the other stories. Also, think Mixed Magics should be listed under Short Story collection, even though already under Chrestomanci series. Under Dalemark, wasn't it "The True State of Affairs" that was connected to Dalemark, so that story alone should be listed? Perhaps need short story index and which collections to find them in. Who Got Rid Of Angus Flint? was also called "The Fearsome Friend." Need audiobook section?

I suggest listing the contents of the story collections with reference to the series to which they nominally belong if any. Possibly also refer to them in the series as well. Phil?


Books about Diana Wynne Jones

...and verse

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