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Asheth is a goddess worshipped in Series Ten of the Related Worlds. Her Temple is the largest in the temple square in the city Christopher Chant visits in The Lives of Christopher Chant.

She is not a very nice goddess - vicious and vengeful - and her religion includes a military order, the Arm of Asheth, tasked with enforcing her laws. The Arm of Asheth have been known to pursue people for years, and even across worlds.

The Temple of Asheth contains two physical manifestations of the goddess: the statue of Asheth in her Divine Aspect, in the Shrine of Asheth that only initiates may enter; and the Living Asheth, a young girl who lives in the Temple and comes out only once a year, for a ceremony on the Day of Festival.

Cats are sacred to Asheth, the cats that live in Her Temple are remarkable creatures.

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