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see also: A Sudden Wild Magic (spoilers)


A group of witches on Earth called The Ring monitor and control magical activity in the world. One of them discovers that a parallel world is causing awful things to happen on earth (wars, global warming) in order to learn how humans fix the situation and then steal the ideas and technologies. A few members of the [Inner Circle]? of The Ring secretly arrange to send an expedition/strike force to undermine the pirate universe. Discovering that most of the inhabitants of the world are male, they send a specially selected group of mostly female witches over in a magicked school bus.


On Earth: Mark and his wife Paulie, Gladys, Maureen, Amanda and Zillah and Zillah’s son Marcus

On Arth: High Head Lawrence, Brother Edward, Tod, Josh, Philo, Lady Marceny


Earth (Our World), Arth?, [The Pentarchy]?.


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