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Part of the Chrestomanci series


The note said: SOMEONE IN THIS CLASS IS A WITCH. It was written in ordinary blue ballpoint and had appeared between two of the homework books Mr Crossley was marking. Anyone could have written it, but the most awful thing was, the note might be true -- for this was a school for witch-orphans. The last thing Miss Cadwallader, the Headteacher, would want was a visit from the Divisional Inquisitor. Mr Crossley wondered what to do about it...



Miss Cadwallader, [Miss Hodge]?, Mr Crossley, Mr Wentworth


Brian Wentworth, Charles Morgan, Nan Pilgrim, Nirupam Singh, [Simon Silverson]?, [Dan Smith]?


Chrestomanci, Dulcinea Wilkes


Most of the book takes place at Larwood House, a boarding school where many of the students are Witch Orphans. The world is World 12Ba of the Related Worlds.


LR 8/10 Funny and addictive, this is DWJ at her best. Top read and a good way to get into the Chrestomanci series

see also: Witch Week (spoilers)

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