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Wilkins' Tooth is known as Witch's Business in the US.


It all started out with the broken chair, which got Jess? and [Frank Pirie]? in trouble with their father. With their pocket money stopped, and Frank owing the local bully and gang leader, Buster Knell some money, they had the brilliant idea of setting up a business called Own Back, offering their services for revenge or other difficult tasks. It doesn't turn out the way they expect, for their very first customer is Buster, seeking revenge against [Vernon Wilkins]? for knocking his tooth out during a fracas. It rapidly heads downhill from there, for their business results in them owing service to a variety of people for commissions-gone-wrong and lands them in the bad books of the local witch, Biddy Iremonger, who has the monopoly on Getting Your Own Back and does not appreciate the Piries and their friends interfering in her business.


Additional characters: [Martin Taylor]?, [Silas Wilkins]?, Jessica?

Also, the Adams family:

[Jenny Adams]? and her sister [Frances Adams]? (aka Frankie aka Fanny Adams), their father [Mr. Adams]?, and their aunt, [Aunt Adams]?


Sorry, can't find book at moment. Probably some mistakes.

And maybe we should start listing publication dates, so people have a sense of when the book was written? IIRC, this was first published in 1973.


LR 6/10 An enjoyable romp about magic in a real life setting, I can't help but feel that this book has shown its age more than most.

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