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The Wraith is a character in The Lives of Christopher Chant. He is the head of a smuggling operation that brings illegal magical materials from all over the Related Worlds into Series Twelve. (The term is used inconsistently in the book, sometimes to refer to the gang as a whole.)

They started out just handling the stuff once it reached Series Twelve, but the Wraith discovered a technique for bringing things through the Place Between via astral travel, allowing him to expand his operations (and get around the authorities, who spent years still expecting him to be doing it by physical world-travel).

The gang traffics in dragon's blood (from Series Eight), mermaid flesh (from Series Five), poison balm (from Series Six), magic mushrooms (from Series Ten), magical weapons (from Series One), narcotic dew, eel livers (from Series Two), dream juice (from Series Nine), and eternal fire (from Series Ten).

They tried for an Asheth Temple cat, but it disappeared on them.

See The Lives of Christopher Chant (spoilers) for the identity of the Wraith and his key subordinates. It is not a spoiler to mention that the Felperin brothers were also connected with the gang.

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